Project Description


Westwing – Accurate furniture placement

2D marker tracking has become the standard for Augmented Reality over the past years. Unfortunately, the user experience has mostly suffered as the user had to print the image marker himself. Therefore we have developed an easier solution utilizing something everybody has at home which is always the same size. 

The solution was as logical as simple: a DinA4 sheet which could be a magazine or something similar the customer has at home.


Utilizing Fraunhofer IDG technology, Augmentaio has developed a reliable tracking method, which is no longer dependent on predefined feature points on the marker, but only takes an edge model for referencing.

  • Starting out from a DinA4 sheet helps to project true-to-scale objects into reality

  • Design and implementation of the tracking

  • Design and creation of 3D models

  • True units of measurement in a centimeter-accurate range (variance <1% vs. ARKit of 2-3%)


  • Vision Lib SDK

  • Unity


With this demo it was possible to show furniture in AR exact to the centimeter, before ARKit/ARCore was even invented. Therefore, users got a better imagination on how possible furniture would look like in their home.