Project Description


SESP – Virtual employee training

This HoloLens application offers an interactive tutorial on how to join SESP heat shrinking cables.

In around 15 steps the app demonstrates how the employee needs to join the cables, what tools he has to use and what he has to take care about in each step.

Furthermore, he can access a lot of information in different media while still having both hands free for working.


  • Creation of an interactive training demo for an Industrial customer on Microsoft HoloLens

  • Design and Creation of several 2D & 3D content

  • Creation of several 3D animations

  • Documents and videos integrated

  • Application can be used by gestures or voice commands

  • Quiz function that sends test results to training department


  • Microsoft HoloLens

  • Unity 3D


With this demo even workers who are still in training can solve complex tasks professionally.

Augmentaio created a new usability concept that simplifies using the application and therefore provides an experience and interest for users.