Project Description


Novexx Solutions – process visualization

Novexx Solutions wanted to show the advantages of their data management software in an innovative way at tradeshows.

Their software connects, manages and controls all marking tasks in the production process in a central location – for a high level of transparency and accuracy in the different steps of the product identification process.

To give the target group a better understanding of the USP´s, Augmentaio brought a factory hall to life with Augmented Reality to show the benefits of the software with a variety of 3D animations.


  • Design and create 2D marker

  • Create a 3D factory scene with several animations that show the software benefits in the best way

  • 3D model optimization for CAD data


  • Unity 3D

  • Vuforia SDK


With augmented reality the unique selling points of the TRACE-it software can be demonstrated to everyone in an easy to understand and tangible way. Novexx utilizes this app as a useful tool for their sales employees as well.