Project Description


Nokia – Tourist Guide with Mobile Edge Computing

ECAs are servers that are directly integrated into the LTE basis stations and thus are not bound to complex network routing. The customer can in this way download and use computer-intensive content, which is queried especially at specific locations, in a much shorter time. The Piazza Duomo in Milan is the perfect place to take advantage pf this by using an AR-tourist-guide to show visitors around at this historic place.

Augmentaio has used the self-developed ECA plugin, which allows to download any AR content from the ECA and as a fallback solution from a CDN server. Metadata such as TimeToFirstByte, DownloadTime, Througput etc. should also be recorded and displayed for evaluation purposes.


  • Native app for iOS and Android

  • Tourist-guide in AR

  • Geobased POIs

  • By focusing the download of a background video and an animated Vodafone-avatar shall start

  • Content videos are at a stationary server at the cathedral

  • The content videos should be provided from a stationary server at the dome

  • KPI recording for evaluation


  • xCode & Android Studio

  • Wikitude SDK

  • Nokia Mobile Edge Computing

  • Augmentaio Edge Computing Plugin


Tourists love the innovative way of AR wayfinding. It is a new opportunity to explore cities.

With Augmented Reality and Mobile Edge Computing, the user can experience interactive 3D content with high resolution fast and easy.