Project Description


Nokia – Mobile Edge computing plugin

Nokia is the world’s leading supplier of mobile network components and services. In a first test their premium customers should get to know the advantages of the so-called mobile edge computing (Edge Content Accelerators). These server type installations are directly placed on site and are therefore not tied to complex network routing.


The customer can locally download and use specific content, which is tied to specific locations in a much shorter time with minimum latency. This advantage is now illustrated by the means of Augmented Reality, especially in the tourism sector, to everyone.


  • Development of a plugin that allows to download any AR content from the Edge Content Accelerator

  • Implementation of a backend fallback solution to download the data from a CDN server

  • Measurement of several KPI’s like: TimeToFirstByte, DownloadTime, Throughput and more to compare it with a typical CDN download


  • Wikitude SDK

  • Nokia Mobile Edge Computing hardware

  • Augmentaio Edge Computing Plugin


The app shows the advantages of an Edge Content Accelerator compared to typical CDN solutions when application user needs to download huge data packages.