Project Description


Linde – Product presentation for Hololens

Together with the company Linde, Augmentaio has developed a playful demo, which explains the structure of winding spools and how they are assembled, to visitors of a trade fair. Guided by the HoloLens application, visitors were able to try out parts of the assembly of a winding spool themselves.

In the future, applications such as these will be used to help assemble complicated hardware to avoid costly errors and accidents. In this particular case, an assembly error would only be noticed after installation, resulting in exorbitant costs.


  • Design and creation of UI/UX

  • Processing CAD data

  • Create 2D and 3D content

  • Implementation of existing 2D content


  • Microsoft HoloLens spatial tracking

  • Unity 3D


With this demo, trade visitors were able to playfully explore the possibilities and advantages of head-up displays and augmented reality.