Project Description


Linde – Product presentation and construction planning

This project was about the placement of complete solutions in the management of medical gases. With this application, a seller is able to visualize individual complete solutions in AR at the customer location and compare these set-ups with their individual advantages with each other and present them to the customer.

Individual screenshots of possible set-ups can be created in the app, which can be transmitted to the customer from the app via a mailing function as a possible planning example. Alternatively, the screenshots can be stored in the photo gallery of the individual device and sent from there via an email.


  • Processing CAD data

  • Design a UX logic to create and present individual complete systems

  • Screenshot and gallery function

  • Mailing function


  • ARKit

  • Arcore

  • Unity 3D


With this tool, Linde customers have the possibility to visualize and compare their complete solutions directly at your location.

This gives the customer an exact idea of what the system looks like at the site and can view the individual solutions for different advantages by comparing them.

This increases the purchase decision and thus also the sales of Linde itself.