Project Description


Evonik – Product presentation on wearables

Augmentaio produced an innovative HoloLens application for Evonik to visualize its product materials at a tradeshow. The customer aim was to draw more attention to their booth utilizing newest technologies such as HoloLens. Augmentaio designed and created together with Valmet automotive a car to visualize Evonik composites in an optimal and understandable way.


  • Creation of an innovative approach to show customers innovation and competitive advantages of Evonik

  • Development of a Microsoft HoloLens application

  • A guided tour with audio guide to lead tradeshow visitors through the application

  • An interactive tour was created enabling customers to explore the virtual car and its innovative components


  • Microsoft HoloLens

  • Vuforia SDK

  • Unity 3D


Evonik attracted lots of visitors to its booth that were very interested to use newest technologies and to experience Evonik products in a new way.