Project Description


Elgas – After sales support

The X-Zone LPG application helps Elgas employees with the installation of the gas tanks at customers’ premise by placing them in AR. The app can also visualize virtual safety zones around the tanks to make sure that the tank is placed correctly in accordance with the regional laws and guidelines.

Additionally, the application can be used by customers to share AR pictures of the setup after every year to check if the original setup was not modified in a bad way. This saves Elgas costs without the need to verify the different households one by one. Elgas incentivizes customers to use the application by offering discounts for future refills of their gas tanks. This creates a win-win situation.


  • Create and visualize tanks and safety zones in AR

  • Implement photo function for customer to make screenshots for Elgas’ review

  • Automated E-mail function for an easier customer usability


  • ARKit

  • ARCore

  • Unity 3D


The X-Zone LPG application is a useful tool for Elgas employees which can help during the planning and installation process of gas tanks at customer households.

Furthermore, it saves Elgas and their customers costs as security standards have to be checked on a yearly basis.