Project Description


Deutsches Museum – Navigation in the Nanoexhibition

As part of the exhibition “Nano- and Biotechnology”, the Deutsches Museum München commissioned us with an indoor navigation that should make it easier for visitors to navigate and illustrate the interest in future-oriented technologies, including augmented reality.

In addition to navigation, interactive multimedia content in augmented reality is linked to real content in the exhibition, which gives the visitor a more comprehensive opportunity to grasp the exhibition themes.

These include an animated museum guide, explanatory videos, as well as other 2D content.


  • Display stabile AR navigation

  • Design and creation of 2D and 3D content


  • Unity 3D

  • ARKit

  • Arcore

  • Visualix SDK


The navigation demo in the Deutsches Museum helps to evaluate the extent to which new technologies can help to improve the user experience in the future.

With the help of augmented reality, visitors can more easily orient themselves and experience additional information digitally, which in turn creates a new contemporary experience in the museum.