Project Description


Bystronic – Training and maintenance

The demo was created to allow showcasing a maintenance scenario for a laser cutting head on the real machine and on a fully animated machine depending on the availability of the physical product. The application guides the user through 12 maintenance steps to replace a broken circuit board.


  • Creation of an interactive maintenance Demo for an Industrial customer on Microsoft HoloLens

  • Design and Creation of several 2D & 3D content

  • Creation of several 3D animations

  • Documents and videos integrated

  • Application can be used by gestures or voice commands


  • Microsoft HoloLens

  • Vuforia SDK

  • Unity 3D


With the Machinery Maintenance and Training demo, Bystronic employees can be easily trained through an automated AR experience.

The real machine will not be used for trainings anymore and can be therefore used in the production process again.

Bystronic saves time and costs through using AR technology.