Project Description


Aachen – AR City guide experience

The hot springs have significantly shaped the history and reputation of the city of Aachen. The street museum Aachen 72 ° Celsius wants to raise awareness regarding the cause and effect of the thermal water resource at ten different stations in the Aachen city center.


The thermal water hardly appears in Aachen’s urban space and remains largely invisible to residents and visitors today.

However, the influences of the medicinal water on urban development are still visible in the buildings of Aachen’s old town.

Via the app and Augmented Reality the user embarks on a 1.5 km long journey through the city center, following the water of the hot springs, which connects all the exhibits.

The urban space becomes an experience in which the history is shown as part of the present. The buildings and streets themselves are the exhibits.

At ten interactive media stations the visitor gets in-depth information in form of film, animation, hologram videos and audio pieces.


  • Fully animated virtual heraldig figure (Granni)

  • Explanatory animation videos

  • AR hologram videos

  • 3D reconstructions of historical Buildings

  • In four different languages available


  • Apple ARKit/ARCore

  • Kinect for Motion Tracking

  • Unity 3D


Tourists love the innovative way of AR wayfinding. It is a new opportunity to explore. The user can experience hologram videos of historical figures in the real world, see AR content like avatars that guides the user through the tour or just visualize former historical buildings in AR that don’t exist anymore.